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Shipping + Policy

Processing times are 2-4 business days. When processing times are delayed I'll always post updates on my Instagram & Tiktok accounts as well as email! Time of arrival via United States Postal Service (USPS) can be 3-5 business days. I ONLY SHOP VIA USPS. NO OTHER CARRIER! 
If you need to contact me regarding an order please DM me on Instagram! @charmedbykianaa. DM responses are my MAIN SOURCE of communication with order updates due to me always being active there the most! You can also contact me via email : I answer everyone in a timely manner but please keep in mind I work ALONE. I appreciate your patience always!
Effective January 1st 2023, refunds will not be allowed. I've been super understanding and lenient with helping refund orders & replacing items free but this is what's best for CBK. I do my best to accommodate. Of course if there's a mistake on my end I'll help for sure.
IF YOUR ADDRESS IS INCORRECT & MARKED AS A RETURN TO SENDER PACKAGE VIA USPS YOUR ORER IS AUTOMATICALLLY FULLY REFUNDED. Reshipment of items can cause delays & also causes me to have to print labels with new info. Unfortunately CBK will no longer be offering reshipments.
Thank you guys for always supporting my small business! I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU GUYS ALWAYS!